Optics Fabrication

Our manufacturing facilities enable us to grow crystals of zinc selenide, zinc sulphide and fluoride almost of any size. Due to the technology of cultivation on substrates of any shape, our optical products can reach 480 mm in diameter and meet any requirements.

Optics treatment plant allows us to offer our customers all kinds of products from optical blanks to lens of any shape with antireflection coatings and precise handling which meet the highest requirements.

Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) has the lowest absorption of the common CO2 transmitting materials and is, therefore, the material of choice for high-power applications. It is also the only material that transmits visible light, a requirement for the use of a HeNe alignment laser. In order to comply with our corporate plan we need to steadily increase the production of CO2 optics for laser systems of Bystronic, Trumpf, Mazak, Amada, Mitsubishi, etc.

Use of modern equipment including a five-axis processing machine tool allows us to produce optical elements of any shape with precise accuracy.Super-SPHEROTRONIC, TRIOPTICS PrismMaster PRO provide manufacturing of the surface of any form with precise accuracy and 20/10 surface finish.A higher quality of coatings (compared to analogues) is achieved by using an ion-beam assisting technology.