Rain Optics


  • CO₂ laser optics and windows, Trumph, Mitsubishi, Haas, Bystronic, Prima, Hank, Mazak, LVD, Amada CO₂ metal laser cutting machines. Coating and characteristics completely correspond to required tasks for laser cutting machines.

  • Product and technique in operation benefits

    Our company have been developing high-quality CVD-ZnSe synthesis technology since 1983
    We have published more than 120 works on subjects, related to the ZnSe production, have
    been granted 4 patents in Russia and we also possess 5 know-hows. Our achievements now
    make it possible for us to serve the production needs of IR, high purity (99.999%) ZnSe for us
    for all intents and purposes. We deliver Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) scrap in various sizing and

  • We produce ZinSe optical materials of 3 classes of surface quality with required tolerance.

  • CO₂ laser optics
  • ZnSe optical material
  • Made to order

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