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About us

R'AIN Optics is one of the Russia leading manufacturers of IR optical material CVD-zinc selenide.

Our key focus area is providing IR and UV optical materials and production of optical elements from it, including elements with Anti-Reflection coating.

The most-up-to-date equipment and highly qualified staff guarantee large-scale manufacturing and outstanding quality of the produced materials and optical elements that are confirmed by numerous foreign customers. High service level gives our clients assurance about our work and delivery deadlines.

We know far too well what is reputation and value it, as we owe our achievements to it.

By choosing us, you choose a reliable supplier of optical materials!

Onsite of the industrial estate «Oka-polymer» the enterprise for synthesis and processing of zinc selienide is located. Under the same roof all production phases united: crystal growth, оptics fabrication, grinding, polishing and coating. Also essential production sites are the site of intermediate and output control and optical properties control laboratory.

Crystal Growth

Zinc selienide is a chemically vapor deposited (CVD-method) material grown in a reactor under high temperature and pressure, which has extremely high purity and excellent optical properties. The whole process is almost completely automated and is controlled by the high-sensitive sensor system. And the result of the hand-in-glove work of highly qualified specialists and modern equipment is high purity zinc selienide.

Fabrication stage

After synthesis, ZnSe blanks are cut with rotatory and belt saws in various sizes for further production.

Grinding and polishing

At this stage, blanks start getting final shapes and sizes. They are ground and polished on the CNC production center to the designed size with targeted tolerance, accuracy class index and surface quality.

Coating stage

As may be required by technical specifications, the coating is applied. Depending on the requirements, drafts and specification it can be anti-reflection, protective or reflective.

Quality Assurance

Blanks undergo size and optical properties control after each production stage. The Quality Assurance department has precision instruments for linear size, surface curvature, absorbance index, transmission index and other parameters control, essential for zinc selienide production according to technical documentation data.