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Made to Order

We produce ZinSe optical materials of 3 classes of surface quality with required tolerance.
  • There are meniscus, plano-convex, plano-concave, spherical, aspheric lenses of a diameter ranging from 9 up to 170 mm. Lens processing is made on CNC machines, or traditionally on lapping plate cases by the professional opticians with long-term expertise.

  • Protective and other types of windows can be made in sizes ranging from 5 to 250 mm and from 1.5 to 20 mm thick.

  • With angle tolerance up to 15" and "color" of working surfaces 0.5 ring

  • Wedge tolerance up to 15’’.

  • Plane-parallel windows with the diameter up to 500 mm, plane-parallel windows 350x350x30 mm sized or spherical ZnSe materials with the diameter up to 300 mm.

  • Lenses
  • Windows
  • Highly-precise prisms
  • Wedged Windows
  • Large optics

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