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Optic coating

Types of coating, transmission characteristic, specification table

By means of advanced anti-reflection coating equipment we offer broad range of services.

One-layer and multilayer coating for a wide variety of applications:
  • Anti-reflection coating
  • High reflective dielectric mirror coating
  • Partial reflective dielectric coating
  • Neutral beam-splitting coating
  • Metal coverings
Benefits of the applied technologies:
  • Enhanced quality of coating against other alternatives through the use of ion-beam assisted technology.
  • Ion assisted technology allows to create covering without heating, for example, on polymeric material and temperature-sensitive optical crystal.
  • Upper drive of fittings rotation with magnetic coupling.
  • Built-in systems of quarts and optical control of coating thickness and deposition rate with user-friendly display of results.

The maximum sizes of optical elements for coatings deposition (lenses, glasses) – up to 1000 mm.

Coating is applied both on our optical substrates, and on the customer’s ones . R’AIN optics has successfully employed plasma-based deposition process. Characterized by grate serviceability, this plasma achieves high stability of optical parameters under any external conditions changes.

Coating Types:
  • Antireflection coatings (specified wavelength antireflection coatings and also broadband antireflection coatings that cover the visible and infrared ranges.)
  • Metal mirrors
  • Dielectric mirrors
  • Bandpass filter coatings
  • Beam splitter coatings
Test Methods for Coating:
  • coating adhesion property testing with pressure-sensitive tape.
  • coating weathering testing for 24 hours under controlled temperature of 50°C and humidity of 98-99% conditions and mechanical property testing (according to the instruction, paragraph 4.5.11 MIL-C-675C).
*- Radioactive-free coating

Our experts can carry out measurements of optical properties (such as transmission, reflection) from 0.2 to 25 microns at an angle of 0º and 45º.

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