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Optics processing

Sizes, tolerance, accuracy class of in-process part, methods

Our skilled specialists with more than 20 years of optical fabrication expertise are ready to respond to a wide range of challenges.

Our state-of-the-art technology fitted with precision-machining centers such as: SCHNEIDER SCG S2/1, SCP 100 S2/2, Spheroline SLG 301, measuring systems for high-precision measurements of optical details 2DETAM of Canoscan 755 Hommel-Etamic JENOPTIK, Super-SPHEROTRONIC TRIOPTICS PrismMaster PRO enables fabrication of any surface shape products, with a precision accuracy.

We offer the following services:

  • Serial production of optical raw parts of any shape
  • Grinding of flat, spherical and aspheric surfaces. The diameter of the details ranging from 60 to 480 mm. The material in use - glass, quartz, silica, germanium, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, calcium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, barium fluoride.
  • Polishing of spherical and aspheric surfaces with surface quality 20/10. The diameter of the details ranging from 10 to 150 mm. The material in use - glass, quartz, silica, germanium, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide.

Our advanced, state of the art equipment, unrivaled throughout Russia allows us to grow large-sized solid materials of high-purity, such as polycrystal Zinc selienide by chemical vapor deposition method (CVD method). Process unit capacity is 500 kg of solid material per month, with maximum sheet sizes of 1320х680х25 mm, and up to 800 kg per month with maximum sheet sizes of 1320х1200х40 mm.

R’AIN Optics departments are equipped with the up-to-date machinery to maintain material roughing work, blanks production, initial polishing, as well as production of complex, shaped form pieces and final polishing of the optical elements.

Moreover, the company is fitted up with the advanced testing and measuring equipment that can be used to respond to not only production challenges, but also scientific ones. The following step after Zinc selienide synthesis is the production of Zinc selienide blanks. At this stage we are able to manufacture a wide range of Zinc selienide blanks, both of the basic shapes, such as rectangle and circle shapes, and of complex polyhedron shapes. The sizes depend on the different optical properties requirements, and can be up to 1320х1200х40 millimeters. The blanks surface quality is defined in the technical design specification and is agreed upon with the customer.

The stock-list of the manufactured optical elements:

  • Sheets of every shape and configuration with the longest diagonal up to 500 mm and up to 20 mm thick.
  • Prisms of various configuration.
  • Optical windows up to 300 mm in diameter.
  • Fairings-caps up to 300 mm in diameter.
  • Spherical lenses up to 300 mm in diameter.
  • Aspherical lenses up to 140 mm in diameter.

Tolerances for overall dimensions of any product are set in accordance with the customer’s technical design specification. Each order starts with the drawings, developed according to Unified System of Engineering Drawings. Unified System of Fits and Tolerances is applied in assigning the tolerances. Diameter accuracy of the products is up to 0.02 mm, and thickness accuracy of the products is up to 0.02 mm.

We produce ZinSe optical materials up to 3rd class of surface finish.

Optical production equipment:

  • DoALL 2012-D12 vertical band saw.
  • Diamond grinding machine model ASSH-350.
  • Rounding machine model AZK-100 and Centering Machine-Tool equipment.
  • Grinding machining centers SCHNEIDER (version SCGA-100 with grinding capabilities of aspheres and SLG-301).
  • Lapping and polishing machine models 4PD-220, 3PD-350, PD-500.
  • Double sided grinding and polishing machine models SDSH-100 and SDP-100.
  • Polishing machining center SCHNEIDER (version SCPA-100) with polishing capabilities of aspheres.

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